Little Bird



Take off with us – and see some of the before, during and after pictures of our amazing MultiCam® Camo wrapped helicopter.

– A beautiful Little Bird – now in MultiCam® Black –

The “Night Stalkers”, were one of the first Special Operations Forces that provided helicopter aerial support for general military missions and special operations. Their missions have included attack, assault, reconnaissance, and are usually conducted at night, at high speeds, low altitudes, on short notice and with very little room for error!

BeforeFor those missions,  small helicopters, that can land in the most remote locations, are used. They are affectionately called “Little Birds”, and Image Craft’s latest vinyl wrap project was to help one “Little Bird” to accomplish it’s mission in full camouflage. 

Image Craft was commissioned to print and install the MultiCam® Black camo adhesive vinyl for one of these special helicopters. This particular MD 530F is being used by Dillon Aero and their partner Fulcrum Concepts for testing the Dillon Aero M134 Gatling Miniguns and other special operations aviation gear.

Of cblanketourse,  we have plenty of experience with wrapping the most “unusual” vehicles and objects, nevertheless a helicopter wrap with this level of detail requires the greatest attention during the installation process.

That's a wrap



Critical color matching and professional installation of the MultiCam® pattern is key for effectiveness, as well as superior materials are a necessity for any of our camo vinyl pattern reproductions.

Nose MC1 Fish Bowl

Safe travels – Little Bird –

Watch the time laps video of the helicopter MultiCam® Black installation by clicking the button below 




Combat-Proven Patterns

Image Craft is Off to a New Adventure.


Earlier today, we announced our nomination as the exclusive material supplier for Crye Precision and their MultiCam camouflage patterns for adhesive vinyl reproduction.These patterns were developed to effectively limit the visual signature of a person, gear and vehicles to operate across a wide range of physical environments and seasons.

First time in our 30 year history it is our goal to print to disguise and not to be bright and colorful!

magpul fill14

Utilizing superior concealment is a key component to a mission’s success. Accurate color matching, high quality material selection and reliable applications are a necessity to optimize the effectiveness of a disguised support vehicle or vinyl wrapped gear piece.


And we are very proud that we at Image Craft have mastered the reproduction of the MultiCam camouflage patterns.




 The MultiCam family is available in 5 different patterns:


Up-to-date we have been providing Team MultiCam with exclusive vinyl applications for special events.



Now – There is no limit in what can be wrapped with the new MultiCam decal film by Image Craft.

Bottle & Cup Ammo BoxScopeGas TankRom8Jeep


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Extreme Sports with Extremely Cool Graphics

Three riders of Team D56 tested their body and will power at the BAJA 1000 race last month. MultiCAM, the creator of 5 different camouflage patterns, sponsored the team through the tough 24 hour race from Ensenada, Mexico to La Paz, Mexico.


Image Craft was commissioned to help with the Motorcycle helmet graphics as well as supply the wrap decals for the motorcycles. But this project was not just a normal helmet and dirt bike wrap.

Multi Cam-Baja 1000 Helmets

The Motocross helmets were required to be painted with a custom specified orange paint. The shade of orange had to be custom mixed in our fabrication shop for exact color matching.


The adhesive vinyl wrap with the MultiCAMM Alpine pattern requires  extreme color matching to achieve the specific color layers in the correct shades of grey. Thanks to our Pre-Press and Color Specialists at Image Craft we mastered the color combinations of the Alpine pattern.

Wrap and Trim and Assemble – business as usual. And off to the races we go.

DSCF0237     Viva Mexico!

The printed wrap film traveled with the team to Mexico to get applied to the Enduro bikes onsite.


Team D56 at the BAJA 1000 was a 3-man relay bike team made up of Special Operations veterans. The BAJA 1000 MultiCam Enduro and one helmet will be auctioned off at the upcoming NSSF Shot Show in Las Vegas to benefit U.S. and U.K. SOF charities.


Great Graphics for an even greater cause!  We can’t wait to be at the NSSF Shot Show with MultiCAM!