Image Craft Welcomes Jon Heiskell

March 30, 2016

Author: Eric RutinJon Heiskell

Image Craft is excited to welcome John Heiskell to our sales team.  Jon brings a tremendous background and experience in the large format industry. He began his career in the back of the shop  learning the trade in production and prepress.  In fact, Jon started his career in graphic communications at the tender age of 16.  Jon gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the entire printing  process that solidified his expertise in color management and ability to provide efficient and creative solutions to his clients when he transitioned to sales.

While Jon enjoys working with a variety of clients in various verticals, his passion lies with projects that are multilayered requiring him to develop a graphic solution that uses all of his knowledge. The more complex  and the more substrates involved, the better as far as he is concerned. Jon knows how to consult with his clients to choose the right material, printed with the correct printer, with the appropriate attention to color that maximizes clients’ budgets large and small.

Jon made the decision to join our team when he toured our facility and saw the breadth of our capabilities. On his first day at Image Craft he said he was most excited about the ability to now confidently tell clients “Yes, we can do that!”.

While Jon tends to be a gearhead hanging out with the print operators talking specs, when he is away from the office he enjoys exploring Arizona. He is a born and bred Arizonan and takes tremendous pride in the state.

We are excited for Jon to represent Image Craft and know his clients. If you think Jon would be a good fit for your projects or you just want to wish him well, he can be reached at



Living in a Glass House

Glass transforms any space it occupies into a radiant focal point. Image Craft has a passion for turning plain windows into powerful displays of amazing design elements, distinct brand imagery or even a creative, customized privacy layer.

The results are rejuvenated, exciting and tastefully branded offices, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and more….

Come and join us for a quick ride around – to get a hint of the endless possibilities inherent in window graphics and clear acrylic applications.

Printable Graphics Film: Explore creative boundaries with our vast array of premium, cutting-edge, pressure-sensitive printable films.

Add impact, value and innovation with a “new window graphics” mindset. Your logo, promotional campaign, decoration and signage printed on transparent film can transform imaginative visual thinking into an eye-catching reality.

Expressions in Vinyl:  Adhesive vinyl is available in thousands of colors, textures and finishes. Your ideas can be expressed through print, shapes, colors and textures in a way that announces your message beautifully and simply unique.

Perforated Window Film: This one is pretty self-explanatory one might think

But, did you know there are different sizes of perforations to match the applications: More visibility (for vehicles) or maximum graphics space (store front windows).

Also, with the perforated window film you can see out,  but the external viewer can only see your graphic image (at least during the day – visibility will change once the interior is lit at night)

Privacy Film  Frosted window treatments are excellent for an open environment feel but still provides a layer of privacy. Those privacy applications are available in many different textures and grades.

If you are looking for privacy in your space – we can do that too!

For the most visual impact – Let you imagination soar !
…for the happy-ever-after – please visit the care and maintenance section on our website: