Tribute to a Legend

An exhibit that showcased Dee Dee Ramone’s talents and the musical career of the legendary Ramones bassist, was held at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery in New York City. Fender Guitars debuted a preview of the Dee Dee Ramone Limited Edition Signature Precision Bass Guitar during the exhibit.


Image Craft was commissioned by Fender Guitars to build a custom display case for the exhibit. Our fabrication team engineered and built an over-sized acrylic shadowbox to hold Dee Dee Ramone’s leather jacket. The Dee Dee Ramone Limited Edition Signature Precision Bass Guitar from Fender Guitars was attached to the front of the display!

DSC_0301 Dee

The backwall of the display case was lined with a beautiful collage paying a tribute to the punk icon’s life.

Side pieces built from finished and painted MDO Wood functioned as stand up wings of the display piece. The graphics on the sides imitated brick walls and were printed and applied with adhesive vinyl. This cool application was designed for gallery guests to leave their signatures and share memories.



For those of us, that unfortunately missed the exhibit in New York – a great video of the event is available to share some of the experience.


Amazing Project for a Legend to be remembered!


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