Find Yourself in the West

DSC_3166Scottsdale Arizona who’s nickname is the The West’s Most Western Town added one more outstanding piece of culture to the already amazing selection of western art. Just a few weeks ago the “Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West” opened their doors.

Multi-generational, multicultural visitors are invited to engage in self-discovery and experience positive personal transformation. Our team at Image Craft was asked to help with the museums bold, dramatic, authentic, experiential, and participatory exhibitions.  And we surely had a lot of fun printing, fabricating, and installing. Colorful wall murals are framing the entry way of the museum to welcome the museum visitors.



Exciting wall decals draw the visitors eyes to incredible artwork. We printed, fabricated and installed over 800 different plaques and feature descriptive graphics.












The museum’s stories surprise and engage by using light and sound, color and texture, inviting visitors to discover, explore, and learn. Image Craft built and fabricated interactive puzzle pieces, printed custom backdrop banners and much more.

DSC_3191   DSC_3150









This is a beautiful museum dedicated to American Indians and Local Cowboys – Go plan your visit and get immersed in the Wild West!














Combat-Proven Patterns

Image Craft is Off to a New Adventure.


Earlier today, we announced our nomination as the exclusive material supplier for Crye Precision and their MultiCam camouflage patterns for adhesive vinyl reproduction.These patterns were developed to effectively limit the visual signature of a person, gear and vehicles to operate across a wide range of physical environments and seasons.

First time in our 30 year history it is our goal to print to disguise and not to be bright and colorful!

magpul fill14

Utilizing superior concealment is a key component to a mission’s success. Accurate color matching, high quality material selection and reliable applications are a necessity to optimize the effectiveness of a disguised support vehicle or vinyl wrapped gear piece.


And we are very proud that we at Image Craft have mastered the reproduction of the MultiCam camouflage patterns.




 The MultiCam family is available in 5 different patterns:


Up-to-date we have been providing Team MultiCam with exclusive vinyl applications for special events.



Now – There is no limit in what can be wrapped with the new MultiCam decal film by Image Craft.

Bottle & Cup Ammo BoxScopeGas TankRom8Jeep


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Tribute to a Legend

An exhibit that showcased Dee Dee Ramone’s talents and the musical career of the legendary Ramones bassist, was held at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery in New York City. Fender Guitars debuted a preview of the Dee Dee Ramone Limited Edition Signature Precision Bass Guitar during the exhibit.


Image Craft was commissioned by Fender Guitars to build a custom display case for the exhibit. Our fabrication team engineered and built an over-sized acrylic shadowbox to hold Dee Dee Ramone’s leather jacket. The Dee Dee Ramone Limited Edition Signature Precision Bass Guitar from Fender Guitars was attached to the front of the display!

DSC_0301 Dee

The backwall of the display case was lined with a beautiful collage paying a tribute to the punk icon’s life.

Side pieces built from finished and painted MDO Wood functioned as stand up wings of the display piece. The graphics on the sides imitated brick walls and were printed and applied with adhesive vinyl. This cool application was designed for gallery guests to leave their signatures and share memories.



For those of us, that unfortunately missed the exhibit in New York – a great video of the event is available to share some of the experience.


Amazing Project for a Legend to be remembered!

Fish On – With New Graphics

A happy new year at Image Craft started with the exciting bass boat graphics wrap for the Lucas Oil Marine Pro Team.  These anglers compete and fish in a variety of tournaments in both fresh and salt water. The different environments have to be taken into consideration when applying the graphics and installing a full boat wrap.

Bass Boat Full View

Mike Brillhart, the proud owner of the new wrapped boat and trailer is a well known, Pro-Fisherman and competes in the American Bass and All-Stars Tournament circuits.

Boat Detail Bass Boat - Lucas Oil Right Side




The professional wrap imitates a black carbon fiber pattern with beautiful transitions into a blue water simulation on the front and back of the boat. Great design by Eric Flippo at Urban Legend Design Studio – (Phone: 480-459-1442)

Bass Boat - Right Hand Detail

The Lucas Oil logo was enhanced with red metallic vinyl striping to draw more attention to the logo while on the water.

We are anxious to see Mike out there on the lake and wish him and his Lucas Oil team lot’s of “Fish On”