All that glitters is not gold…


Our fabrication team just finished an incredibly fun project for the Arizona Lottery.

Job description was to “make a bucket full of gold” – 50 custom-fabricated gold bars. The gold bars are being used for a Monopoly game, during breaks at the SUNS basketball games.

So the question that has been around for ages: How does one make gold?

Start off with solid white pine wood, which was cut and routed to shape in our fabrication mill workshop.

photo 3 (3)

Sand down the wooden blocks, to ensure a smooth surface.

photo 1 (3)

Prime multiple times and add additional finishing touches.

photo 1 (2)Mix and apply custom gold paint.

Quality check!  And last production step – put on printed and die-cut AZ Lottery and Monopoly decals.  Untitled-1

photo 4

Package carefully and deliver in a wheelbarrow onto the monopoly board.

Let the fun begin! Please play responsibly! 20141126_193507  Stay tuned, now that our Image Craft fabrication team mastered the gold …Who knows what we will be making next!


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