Dillon Works – First Baptist Church Installation

Dillon Works was in need of a company to produce and install graphics for the children’s ministries areas at the First Baptist Church in downtown Dallas, TX.. Dillon Works’ Director of Design remembered working with a company on a previous project, who impressed her with their attention to detail , as well as their professionalism, from a previous project that consisted of matching a printed mural to existing fabric curtains for a large venue. That company was Image Craft.

In September 2012, a production meeting was called to work out the details of how the three floors of the project would be organized and scheduled. Image Craft took the artwork, created by Dillon Works’ design team, and began printing the murals to a commercial wall vinyl with UV cured inks, finished with a protective matte liquid laminate.

Each of the three floors has its own unique, age-appropriate theme. The first floor of the church is a “sunny beach/vacation theme”. The illustrations are eleven feet tall and at some places 30 feet wide, printed in vibrant colors. To keep the installation running smoothly, our Installation Department and Production Department coordinated printing and delivery of graphics to ensure efficient use of time with the assurance of remaining on schedule. The second floor graphics with a “neighborhood” theme were prepped, tested and approved while the first floor installation was completed. With the same tight, consistent control, graphics were installed and the walls began to take on a new, sharp and brilliant look. By December, the third floor printing, with a “mission control” theme, was almost complete and final installation preparations were being scheduled for mid-January. Our murals were spot on and Dillon Works was extremely pleased with Image Craft’s performance.

The final touches – a large play area on each floor, included custom dimensional icons of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Alamo, each surface treated with printed, adhesive vinyl graphics, installed on site by our team. The projected opened Easter Sunday 2013. Dillon Works and their client, First Baptist Church, were extremely pleased with Image Craft’s role in making this massive project a complete success.