Hance Partners Printmaking at Image Craft

Working with Hance Partners was the first time I felt I had real control in how my images look when they are printed.”
—Tom Till, photographer and gallery owner

Image Craft’s Hance Partners division prints fine art photographs for national and international exposure in galleries, museums, and special exhibits. Blending old-world artistry with the most current digital technology, we create museum-quality fine art images for professional photographers that they—and their clients—describe as “stunning” and “spectacular.”

Gary Ladd, Tom Mangelsen, Steve McCurry, Joe McNally, Nick Nichols, Flip Nicklin, Howard Schatz, Tom Till, and Stephen Wilkes – professionals like these keep returning to Hance Partners because we translate their artistic vision exactly as they intended.

The Smithsonian Institution, New York City Opera Company, Grand Canyon Association, and the Museum of Northern Arizona are among the many organizations for whom we have printed entire exhibits. Whether the work of one photographer or several, an exhibit challenges us to take into account the display in its entirety.

Hance Partners was built on three principles: keep it small, maintain exceptional quality and never lose the joy. The close-knit, dedicated staff includes master printer Richard Jackson and several highly skilled printers and finishers who apply their talent, creativity and impeccable eye for detail to make every fine art print exquisite.

Why Choose Image Craft’s Hance Partners?

Creating a fine art photograph considered “stunning” and “spectacular” requires a complex blend of creative collaboration, expertise, artisanship, and meticulous attention to detail.

Our hallmark collaborative process is something our clients tell us they have never experienced anywhere else.

  • We encourage you to share the story of each photograph, because the more we know, the better we can interpret the image.
  • To bring your mind’s eye into our labs, we ask all the right questions, and      listen closely to what you have to say.
  • We draw on our expertise to suggest new possibilities to raise the image to      its highest potential.

Image Craft/Hance Partners staff thoroughly understand the materials and equipment they work with. They know how to use those capabilities for optimal results. And their experienced eyes see, for example, that a 10% change in density, a slight contrast move, or a careful decision to adjust a single leaf can make all the difference.

Achieving a stunning, spectacular result is no accident. It takes active collaboration with skilled fine art printmakers with curiosity, devotion to the craft, professionalism, and mindful perseverance. That is how we maintain the gold standard of quality our clients have come to expect.

“There are times when Richard and I will talk for hours — even before the first print is made. He will work until he captures every subtlety. It simply doesn’t get any better.”
—Stephen Wilkes, photographer

2 thoughts on “Hance Partners Printmaking at Image Craft

  1. I couldn’t believe that these are paintings! They look like photographs!

    • Hi, Joan! Yes, they are stunning works of art, though everything shown in this post actually is a photograph! However, we do also reproduce original fine art paintings and giclees.

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