Richard Jackson Visits Client Exhibits at AIPAD

AIPAD Corridor

Our Richard Jackson of Hance Partners/Image Craft was privileged to receive a sneak peek at the recent AIPAD show in New York City, where images we produced for photographers Stephen Wilkes and Steve McCurry were on exhibit for collectors.  Shown here are a few photos he took at the Peter Fetterman Gallery booth at AIPAD in NYC on March 28, 2012.  As Richard says, “Stephen and Bette Wilkes had invited me to visit the show with them because they were so excited about how great the prints looked and the amount of exposure in Peter Fetterman’s booth, as well as a prominent position in the Monroe Gallery booth.” (Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, NM also has an exhibit opening scheduled for April 27th for Wilkes’ Day to Night images.)

For many of the Day to Night series of photographs made over the last three years, Stephen exposed a large format digital back for up to 15 hours beginning early in the morning till late at night.  These are very complex images to make, requiring special permits, special equipment and detailed planning to execute each one.  It takes weeks in post production to create the final image from the hundreds of exposures made throughout the day.  The one thing Stephen can’t control is what happens before him as events unfold within the scene, and those unexecuted events often become the narrative of the image – the iconic scene of the city and all of the human elements interacting within the scene throughout the day and into the night.

Wilkes & client

Between them, Peter Fetterman and Sid Monroe sold eight large prints of Stephen’s Day to Night images at last count.  Stephen has plans to do more Day to Night photographs, two of which are in post production now, with plans to expand the series to other cities in the US and abroad.

Stephen chooses our Hance Partners/Image Craft staff because he knows we are committed to the attention to detail he expects in order to present a spectacular final print that reflects the tremendous effort he undertakes to produce the image.  Our master printmaker, Richard Jackson, has been working in close collaboration with Stephen in making his fine art prints for the last 14 years.  Now, in addition to printmaking, Hance Partners/Image Craft completes the process by doing all of the specialized mounting and custom framing for Stephen’s work.   

Also featured in the Fetterman booth at AIPAD were two new mages Richard recently printed for Steve McCurry, “Blue City” and ”Camels in Sandstorm”.  This year marks Richard’s 10th year of working with McCurry in producing C-prints to match the original inkjets prints his own staff makes and sends us for use as match prints.  As Richard states, “Printmaking is a craft, and these prints turn out the way they do for two reasons – the photographer has a vision, and my staff and I have the skills to achieve that vision on paper for them.”  Look for more with Richard Jackson on the craft of printmaking in a future blog post.


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