Farmers Insurance MCC Bus Wrap

Image Craft Account Executive, Ken Apel, has wrapped the Farmers Insurance fleet of HelpPoint Mobile Claims Center (MCC) and Customer Care Vehicles (CCVs) several times throughout the years, culminating in this recent wrap for the fleet’s flagship showpiece bus, which not only stands ready to respond to the latest catastrophe, but also serves as an impressive public relations and marketing vehicle – literally! Recently wrapped in approximately 1300 square feet of 3M ControlTac adhesive vinyl, as well as another 300sf of window perf, this bus took a two man team of Image Craft installers three days to complete, but that’s only the beginning of this amazing vehicle’s story!

Verdean and Randy Glenn pose next to MCC bus while install under way.

We had the recent opportunity to take a tour of the technologically innovative flagship MCC bus, as well as chat with MCC Operator/Customer Advocates Verdean and Randy Glenn. In speaking with the Glenns, one gets the sense that Farmers is one company who truly cares about the needs of its customers during some of the most harrowing ordeals of their lives. In addition to the technology that allows the Glenns, as well as the other fleet vehicle operators, to provide a truly awe-inspiring array of services to Farmers customers in need, it’s also clear that the most valuable service of all is the sense of instant community that the arrival of the MCC brings to recently destroyed and severely stressed local communities in the aftermath of natural disasters.

The Farmers fleet is always poised and ready to respond to the latest catastrophic events, but a lot of preparedness goes into it. The catastrophic response team monitors weather patterns 24/7/365 and are often the first services to arrive on the scene with the latest technology, allowing the vehicles to serve as fully functional mobile claims offices, and much more! Equipped with a satellite-based communications system, the buses are able to establish telephone, fax, and Internet services, many times in communities where access to such services has been severed by disaster. If the local power grid is down, no worries for the bus – it carries its own power generators, as well as large TVs that broadcast the latest news, free public access to phones and Internet, a Doppler radar system, and even a cooking grill, coffee maker, and other food service equipment operated by a network of Farmers volunteers, who often end up serving three meals a day to victims and emergency responders alike.

Bus wrap in progress - excuse the mess!

The newest MCC bus, shown here, hit the road in 2009 with its own enhanced state-of-the-art environment-friendly features, including rooftop solar panels and LED lighting, high-tech insulation, a water recycling system, nitrogen inflated tires, and specially designed mud flaps to reduce drag, all resulting in a need for 25% less fuel.

There’s never really an off season for catastrophes, so the Glenns and the other fleet vehicle operators stand ready (often literally at a moment’s notice) to respond wherever they’re needed, but in between, you can often find them proudly displaying their bus at various Farmers Insurance sponsored events, such as the recent Farmers Insurance Open pro golf tournament, held in La Jolla, CA in January. Be sure to check out the bus should such an occasion arise and tell the Glenns “hi” from all of us at Image Craft! Meanwhile be sure to follow the fleet on Twitter at @FarmersCATbus or @FARMERSMCC9, or visit the fleet’s blog.

Photo courtesy Verdean Glenn, Farmers Insurance


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  1. That’s amazing! Nice job.

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