Blue Square Kiosk Design

Submitted by:
Jim Croneberger
Account Executive, Image Craft

When Blue Square Manufacturing needed a prototype kiosk for a pool industry trade show, they called on Image Craft’s team of experts for design and manufacture in order to meet a one week deadline. The plan was to eventually produce 1000 kiosks and install one in every dealer showroom coast to coast.  Our Creative Director, Drew Nazzaro, designed the kiosk, which was completed in time for the show opening in eight days. 

While the kiosk was being manufactured, we had to move quickly to develop graphic layouts for client approval.  The task was no small matter; we had to go from concept to completion to print in just three days.  Fortunately, we had recently acquired the graphic design talents of Andrea Todd.  Understanding the urgency, Andrea was a quick study and learned all about Blue Square.  Keying off on a graphic with a grid like motif she found on their Facebook ad, the look was modified to work with the kiosk.  This plan along with three other backup options were developed and delivered to the client for review in less than 24 hours, and the grid design shown here was selected.

We soon learned the artwork would not be located and had to be created.  The “can do” attitude of the A Team took over, and Andrea set about creating the files for print production. The curvature of the kiosk revealed a need for some graphic layout rework, but by the time the kiosk arrived in the Image Craft paint shop, we were ready.  Andrea and Drew had immersed themselves in the project and added interesting details, including a painted top edge to match the base.  By Thursday, the glossy enamel blue paint finish was applied.  Like true artisans, our paint department decided to add a second coat to create a smooth finish, eliminating slightly visible metal bumps beneath the first layer of paint.

A graphic test strip was printed and a metallic vinyl was chosen to cover the front side of the kiosk, top to bottom.  This gave an illusion of a direct to print finish that would look striking once applied.  The vinyl had to be rushed in since it was not commonly used and was not on hand.

On Friday, as promised, the kiosk was complete.  While the kiosk is a prototype and subject to modification for mass production, the challenge to design and manufacture a kiosk that expresses the essence of Blue Square manufacturing was met. The final architecture became a sleek, clean kiosk that gently curves forward with a single round flying shelf to showcase the valve. 

After several years of research and effort to produce the next generation “in floor” pool cleaning systems, Blue Square manufacturing was born out of pent up frustration in the pool building industry with the lack of technological improvements in pop up floor cleaning systems.  Blue Square manufacturing knew it had a breakthrough product, and that the marketing behind it must reflect this fact. The goal was to make a “splash” in the pool industry and launch a high tech forward thinking company to grab attention, and market share. 

One look at the beautiful valve, the packaging, the web site, and other marketing material, it was clear that to leverage the brand to pool builders nationwide the product displayed in dealers showrooms must stand out.  The branding of Blue Square at the retail level was identified as critical to its success, and Image Craft was honored to have been chosen as a partner for the design and production of this prototype kiosk.


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