Flip Nicklin – Among the Giants

Submitted by:
Richard Jackson
Hance Partners/Image Craft

Hance Partners/Image Craft recently printed over 30 images to help create the exhibit “Among the Giants” by National Geographic contributing photographer, Flip Nicklin.  This awe-inspiring exhibit featuring extraordinary photographs of whales in their natural habitats opens August 23rd and runs through December 31, 2011 at the San Diego Natural History Museum in beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, California.

"Hope" - Flip Nicklin

Widely regarded as the premier whale photographer of the world, Flip Nicklin will be presenting images featured in his latest book, Among Giants, according to SDNHM’s web site. “For anyone who has marveled at the majesty of whales in the wild, Among the Giants is guaranteed to be inspiring, even moving—its unmatched images of these glorious beings an inescapable reminder of our responsibility as stewards of the ocean. Accompanying the photographic exhibition will be a showing of the magnificent whale sculptures by world famous sculptor Randy Puckett.”

Mr. Nicklin visited Hance Partners/Image Craft in May, collaborating with our staff to create the match prints of all the images in the exhibit.  Once the match prints were approved, Mr. Nicklin determined the final sizes for the prints in the exhibit.  We then proceeded with the final production and mounting of the exhibit prints with the last shipment of prints leaving for San Diego on July 25th.

Richard Jackson, Robin Garcia and Bob Holm of Image Craft worked closely in creating the match prints Mr. Nicklin approved and the final prints for the exhibit.

Flip Nicklin with Richard Jackson and Robin Garcia

Flip Nicklin will be at the museum on September 16th  for a members opening and also on September 17th for the public opening with the artist.  Mr. Nicklin will be making a presentation about his book, exhibit and his over 30 year career photographing whales.

We’re looking forward to the opening of the exhibit and can’t wait to see it!


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