Propèt Footware Booth

Submitted by:
Susan Coppola
Trade Show Graphics Division Manager

Recently Image Craft helped Exhibits Northwest in Seattle create the finishing touches on a trade show booth for Propèt. “Our client supplied the design and vision, we recommended the materials and method to produce the PedRX sign, wings and counter front.”- Image Craft Trade Show Division.

The center stage sign was router cut from 1” MDF, pierce cut large letters, laminated with aluminum and wood grain front and back, then painted and small vinyl letters applied.  The look is clean and substantial.

The vertical shoe rack wings are laser cut ¼” clear acrylic with the logo cut out of frosted vinyl. The same effect was used on the front counter face.

To top it off, the Propèt logo on the center back tower, next to the dimensional sign, is a clear glossy vinyl. The vinyl is cut and applied to look like a spot varnish on the matte wood-grain wall. Very smart looking.

We talk about the work Image Craft has done on this display, but there are many other elements that come together to make this a very handsome booth for one of my favorite subjects… shoes!


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