Magnet and Steel Custom Promo Piece

Submitted by:
Lori A. Johnson
Marketing/IT Coordinator

Martha Vermeire, Client Services Manager here at Image Craft, was invited to attend opening night festivities at Scottsdale Studio, a full service digital video and photography studio owned and operated by Bonnie Adams, a long time Image Craft customer and widow of renowned Western artist, Kenneth Freeman, for whom we have produced giclee prints from high quality digital scans of his original paintings for many years.

We were asked to contribute an Image Craft promotional piece to the Studio’s swag bag to be given to guests at the grand opening. Martha and I put our heads together and, using a previously created sample of the use of printable magnetic material on rolled steel as inspiration, decided to embed a coupon offering into our product using a custom QR code to be scanned by the recipient with any smartphone bar code scanner. 

These photos show how the piece was produced, starting with one of my own original images of a rusty truck shot near Jerome, AZ. 

Finished product - openPart B printingPart B printingPart B rolledPart C printingPart A printing
Parts A & BCutting part ACutting part ACutting part BCutting part BParts together
Inspiration PieceFinished product - closed

Custom Promo Piece, a set on Flickr.

Basically, there were three parts: A) the original photograph with part of the image replaced by white space for text, which was printed on .015 rolled steel; B) the truck’s grill, cut out in PhotoShop, made into a separate file and printed on .030 printable magnetic material; and C) the adhesive vinyl labels containing the QR code and Image Craft logo, printed with latex inks for finer resolution to ensure the codes would scan properly. Once all three parts were printed, they just needed to be cut to shape on the CNC router and assembled.

When scanned with a smartphone bar code scanner app, the embedded text asks: “Do your graphics need an overhaul? Scrape the rust off your image with 10% off your next project!”. Following that, we included a clickable link to the Contact page on our web site along with a promo code and expiration date.

Our magnet and steel promo piece received rave reviews from recipients when Martha and I attended Scottsdale Studio’s opening night on Friday, July 15th, which by all accounts, was a smashing success! (Disclaimer: Despite rumors, the fact that Martha and I tried our hand as video models on a green screen was not a contributing factor to any smashing that may have occurred….).


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