Image Craft and Imagineers!

Submitted by:
Richard Jackson
Hance Partners/Image Craft

Robin Garcia and I are pictured here posing with Walt Disney Imagineers while visiting Animation Courtyard at Disneyland’s California Adventure on Thursday June 16th.  We were there to view the new Animation Courtyard presentation that we produced for Walt Disney Imagineering.  From left to right are Paul Liu, Kevin Basham (head of the Still Film Archive), Anne Wheelock, Richard Jackson (me), Robin Garcia and Luie Barrios. 

Disney DCA

We started the day in Glendale and the new Disney Archive facility.  Robin and I were given a tour of several archives Disney houses there including the slide library, the Disney original art archive, an archive of books, clip art and magazines.  This archive is a repository and research resource for Disney artists and others in need of the collections housed in this building.

After the tour of the archive, Kevin and staff drove Robin and me to Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim and showed us the presentation we produced that includes 300 different reproductions of cells from classic and recent Disney feature animation films.

ImagineeringIt was a wonderful opportunity to meet in person the Imagineering staff we work with and see for ourselves the result of the work we do for Walt Disney. Samples of our work for Disney printed on Ilfochrome (formerly known as Cibachrome) are featured right here in Image Craft’s lobby. 

We reproduce cells from classic Disney animation feature films for projection at incredible sizes. As you can see, the shape of the image area is designed to exactly compensate for the keystone effect that occurs due to the angle of the projector to the screen.  In addition to Animation Courtyard, Walt Disney Imagineering looks to us for almost all of the still film special effects reproductions for Disney theme parks worldwide.


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