Look3 Festival 2011

Hance Partners/Image Craft’s very own Richard Jackson attended the Look3 Festival of the Photograph, June 9-11, 2011 in Charlottesville, VA. The founder of this annual festival, National Geographic photographer Nick Nichols, lives there as well as a number of other photographers, writers and editors from National Geographic.

This is the 5th year Hance Partners/Image Craft has produced the banners for the Trees exhibit that literally hangs in the trees in the historic downtown sections of Charlottesville, VA. This year the pictures in the exhibit belong to George Steinmetz, known for his low altitude aerial photographs taken from his motorized paraglider.

The exhibit received great reviews from those who attended the Look3 Festival. Richard received many compliments on the quality of the printing and numerous people didn’t even realize they were printed on vinyl banner material until he told them. We used our fine art work flow when we printed the exhibit, which consists of matching provided samples by the photographers through several rounds of tests.

Bedrooms Exhibit - Ashley & RJTrees bannersTrees banners: George & RJTrees Exhibit bannersmore Trees bannersTrees banners
Trees bannersAshley Gilbertson exhibitMassimo bannerVitali galleryRJ and McCurry

Look3 Festival, a set on Flickr

The other exhibit we printed was Ashley Gilbertson’s “Bedrooms of the Fallen”. Ashley spent time in Iraq as a war photographer and was moved when realizing the tremendous toll the loss of a soldier has on so many people. The lives of family and friends are changed forever each time a soldier is lost. Ashley wanted to do something to show the effect this loss has on so many individuals, so he began photographing the empty bedrooms of soldiers that will not come home. Many of these bedrooms are just as they were when the sons or daughters were growing up before they became soldiers. There will be a book coming out soon showing 40 of these empty bedrooms and with the stories that go with them.

Take a look at the photos and you will also see a banner for Massimo Vitali mounted just outside the gallery showing very large prints of the beach scenes he is famous for. He sets up a scaffold on a beach and stays up there all day so that the people on the beach begin to ignore him. He then makes pictures using an 8 x 10 or an 11 x 14 camera exposing color negative film. He has the prints made on a traditional enlarger, then the prints are facemounted to ¼” plex, backed by a piece of aluminum and then a museum back is attached for hanging.

Steve McCurry also made his first presentation on the images he shot on the last roll of production Kodachrome, given to Steve by Kodak to expose for posterity, at the Look3 Festival on Saturday morning. Our job so far was to make high resolution drum scans from which all future prints of these images will made.  Our friends from Arizona Highways came by for a sneak peak at Steve’s images before they were hand delivered to Steve by Richard and blogged about it here.


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