The Art of Fine Art Reproduction Printing at Image Craft

Submitted by:
Susan Coppola
Trade Show Graphics Division Manager

Contained in the permanent collections of the world’s most prestigious and important museums, giclee fine art prints are recognized as a new benchmark in print-making technology. The giclee process provides artists and buyers exceptional, high quality prints that define the niche between large quantity offset lithography runs and one of a kind original artwork.

About 20 years ago digital inkjet printing was introduced as a fast way to reproduce art on demand. Since then extremely high resolution printers, state of the art color management practices, pigmented inks and fine art media have evolved to a higher level of printmaking excellence called the giclee print. Image Craft professionals are artisans in the craft of giclee fine art printing and have a department dedicated to this very specialized field.

We start with a image capture of your original artwork. Our image capture process produces astoundingly accurate high resolution files. These files are archived at Image Craft and can be pulled from archive anytime to produce new prints as you need them with just a simple phone call.

Image Craft technicians examine the digitized image and compare it to your original art for color accuracy and acuity. Preliminary adjustments are made to fine-tune the color data and a giclee proof is printed on the paper or canvas you choose for the final output. We use the finest quality 100% rag, Hannemuhle, William Turner watercolor paper and Sihl Artist Canvas.

A  meeting is set up for you to review a proof. Your input will be noted and serve as the basis for additional corrections. A second proof is then produced and another review meeting scheduled. When a final proof is approved, we ask you to sign it as a “master proof”, which is filed and will serve as a definitive reference for your current and future giclee reproductions of that piece.

Each giclee print is individually crafted to match the “master proof”, inspected for flaws and overall quality. Giclee prints that do not meet our high standards are rejected and immediately destroyed to safeguard the integrity of your legal rights.

All Image Craft giclee prints are issued a Certificate of Authenticity to provide proof of origin, quality, along with media and ink information. Edition prints are sequentially numbered to avoid duplication errors.

Image Craft also offers these post-printing fine art services:

  • Custom Framing (with traditional archival materials)
  • Hand Torn Deckled Edges (for giclee prints on paper)
  • UV and Abrasion Resistant Liquid Lamination (for giclee prints on canvas)
  • Gallery Wrap/Stretcher Frames (for giclee prints on canvas)
  • Packaging and Shipping

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