Water Donations Needed!

Image Craft employees are a charitable bunch! Today Robin Garcia collected cases of bottled water generously donated by employees to benefit the homeless members of our community through Phoenix Rescue Mission. Soaring summer temperatures have increased the need for bottled water, sunscreen and assorted other items to help the homeless combat the effects of extreme desert heat.

Water Drive 2

Water Drive 3





If you would like to help, donations are being accepted at Phoenix Rescue Mission’s donation center located at 1468 N. 26th Ave in Phoenix between the hours of 9am and 2pm weekdays and by appointment on Saturdays.


Graphics for Mercury Home Opener!

On June 16th, we installed these large graphics inside US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix just in time for the WNBA Phoenix Mercury’s home opener on the 17th! 

Mercury Wall Graphics

Photo credit: Suns Creative

Mercury Banners

Shown  in the first photo are backlit Lambda Duratrans and Latex printed Adhesive Vinyl wall graphics.  The second photo features a 24’ x 24’ Vinyl Banner Stretched into a SignComp Frame system.

Unfortunately, the Mercury lost their home opener, but we’re pretty sure the graphics were not to blame! Let’s hope they provide some luck for the rest of the season! #GOMERC!!

Both photos courtesy of Suns Creative.

Image Craft and Imagineers!

Submitted by:
Richard Jackson
Hance Partners/Image Craft

Robin Garcia and I are pictured here posing with Walt Disney Imagineers while visiting Animation Courtyard at Disneyland’s California Adventure on Thursday June 16th.  We were there to view the new Animation Courtyard presentation that we produced for Walt Disney Imagineering.  From left to right are Paul Liu, Kevin Basham (head of the Still Film Archive), Anne Wheelock, Richard Jackson (me), Robin Garcia and Luie Barrios. 

Disney DCA

We started the day in Glendale and the new Disney Archive facility.  Robin and I were given a tour of several archives Disney houses there including the slide library, the Disney original art archive, an archive of books, clip art and magazines.  This archive is a repository and research resource for Disney artists and others in need of the collections housed in this building.

After the tour of the archive, Kevin and staff drove Robin and me to Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim and showed us the presentation we produced that includes 300 different reproductions of cells from classic and recent Disney feature animation films.

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Look3 Festival 2011

Hance Partners/Image Craft’s very own Richard Jackson attended the Look3 Festival of the Photograph, June 9-11, 2011 in Charlottesville, VA. The founder of this annual festival, National Geographic photographer Nick Nichols, lives there as well as a number of other photographers, writers and editors from National Geographic.

This is the 5th year Hance Partners/Image Craft has produced the banners for the Trees exhibit that literally hangs in the trees in the historic downtown sections of Charlottesville, VA. This year the pictures in the exhibit belong to George Steinmetz, known for his low altitude aerial photographs taken from his motorized paraglider.

The exhibit received great reviews from those who attended the Look3 Festival. Richard received many compliments on the quality of the printing and numerous people didn’t even realize they were printed on vinyl banner material until he told them. We used our fine art work flow when we printed the exhibit, which consists of matching provided samples by the photographers through several rounds of tests.

Bedrooms Exhibit - Ashley & RJTrees bannersTrees banners: George & RJTrees Exhibit bannersmore Trees bannersTrees banners
Trees bannersAshley Gilbertson exhibitMassimo bannerVitali galleryRJ and McCurry

Look3 Festival, a set on Flickr

The other exhibit we printed was Ashley Gilbertson’s “Bedrooms of the Fallen”. Ashley spent time in Iraq as a war photographer and was moved when realizing the tremendous toll the loss of a soldier has on so many people. The lives of family and friends are changed forever each time a soldier is lost. Ashley wanted to do something to show the effect this loss has on so many individuals, so he began photographing the empty bedrooms of soldiers that will not come home. Many of these bedrooms are just as they were when the sons or daughters were growing up before they became soldiers. There will be a book coming out soon showing 40 of these empty bedrooms and with the stories that go with them.

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ICON Completes Heard Museum Cafe and Bookstore Project

In early 2011, ICON fabricated and installed the store display fixtures for the new Heard Museum Cafe and Bookstore designed by Holly Street Studios for the Heard Museum of Phoenix. The display fixtures have a clean contemporary look to complement the growth and expansion occurring at the Heard Museum.

Heard Museum Bookstore 2Heard Museum Bookstore 6Heard Museum Bookstore 5Heard Museum Bookstore & Cafe 3Heard Museum Bookstore & Cafe 2Heard Museum Bookstore 4
Heard Museum Bookstore 3Heard Museum Bookstore & Cafe 1Heard Museum Bookstore 1

ICON Themed Environments, a set on Flickr.

After many years of collaborative work in the environmental display industry, the staff of ICON Themed Environments officially joined Image Craft in March of 2010.  For additional projects, please visit ICON’s web portfolio. 

Trends In Trade Show Graphics

Submitted by:
Susan Coppola
Trade Show Graphics Division Manager

1 – What is new in Trade Show graphics? 

“Up” is the new black. Seriously, those who can are making vertical statements with their booth graphics. At Exhibitor Show 2010 I felt like I was in a exhibit city of skyscrapers. Fabric graphics make this application easy and available to most exhibitors. Also, I saw grand sized seamless backlit fabric walls with LED lighting in the extruded frames. Hanging and lighted fabric seems to be a newer trend in the trade show and event industry.

2 – What new materials are being used and how are they extending the life of a graphic?

Image Craft installed an HPL65500 Latex Ink Printer in February. The Latex Ink technology offers a sharper, faster, cleaner, environmentally friendly way to print on fabrics. We’ve been experimenting with a Flag Cloth (semi-sheer) and a crease and wrinkle resistant fabric and they both look fantastic. The color saturation and edge sharpness rivals dye sublimation. Because these products won’t damage easily they will last through many set ups. The latex inks are water based and odorless, they require no special ventilation and are green when printed to the sustainable and recycle-able materials that are available. The price point for Latex printing to fabrics is less than dye sublimation and the process itself  is green in comparison.

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The Art of Fine Art Reproduction Printing at Image Craft

Submitted by:
Susan Coppola
Trade Show Graphics Division Manager

Contained in the permanent collections of the world’s most prestigious and important museums, giclee fine art prints are recognized as a new benchmark in print-making technology. The giclee process provides artists and buyers exceptional, high quality prints that define the niche between large quantity offset lithography runs and one of a kind original artwork.

About 20 years ago digital inkjet printing was introduced as a fast way to reproduce art on demand. Since then extremely high resolution printers, state of the art color management practices, pigmented inks and fine art media have evolved to a higher level of printmaking excellence called the giclee print. Image Craft professionals are artisans in the craft of giclee fine art printing and have a department dedicated to this very specialized field.

We start with a image capture of your original artwork. Our image capture process produces astoundingly accurate high resolution files. These files are archived at Image Craft and can be pulled from archive anytime to produce new prints as you need them with just a simple phone call.

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